Library Policies

Circulation Services:

                       Open borrowing privileges

                        The Library maintains collections of materials for children, young adults, and adults.  Anyone, regardless of age, may select from any part of the Library collection.  To serve varied interests and points of view, we select materials from a broad range of political, economic, religious, artistic, and philosophic viewpoints.   The Library makes no attempt to assume the rightful role of parenting in monitoring, controlling, or curtailing, the reading of their children.  The Lowden Public Library has a strong commitment to policy of open access by which all materials are available to Library users regardless of age.  Because we live in a democratic society which values freedom of thought and work, it is essential that the Public Library respect each person’s right to information and confidentiality, no matter what age.  It must be the responsibility of those parents who wish to do so to monitor their own children’s use of Library materials.

             Becoming a borrower

                        If you are a resident of Lowden or the surrounding rural Cedar County, or a have a valid card from another Iowa library you may become a registered borrower.  Registration is for 3 years or until you become an inactive user.

             Confidentiality of records

                        Section 22.7(13), Code of Iowa, provides that libraries may not reveal to a third party the titles of items you have borrowed.  This law includes materials borrowed by children and requests by parents for this information.    It is the library’s practice not to maintain a history of a customer’s material check-outs.

             Loan periods, renewals, reserves:

                        Books, magazines, and videos may be checked out for a period of two weeks unless otherwise noted in the front of the book.  Encyclopedias may not be checked out but can be used on the premises or photo copied.  Materials can be renewed by contacting the librarian in person, by phone, or e-mail.  Books may be reserved on a first come first serve basis by contacting the librarian.

               Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Library Materials:

                         There is a 10-cent a day fine per BOOK and video on overdue materials (for only the days the Library is open).  Counting the day the book is returned.  The maximum fine for materials is $3.   Fines can be flexible on long overdue books because we would rather have the book.  Patron’s will be notified by telephone or letter for overdue material approximately once a month.

                        Patron’s with overdue materials they cannot check out additional materials until overdue materials are returned and payment has been received for lost items.  Lost items are considered to be those that the patron concedes cannot be located or have been checked-out for more than 2 months. 

                        When library materials have been lost the patron will pay the replacement cost.  The Director will determine the amount of damage to be assessed in the case of damaged materials. 

                         Payments are considered final.  No refunds will be given if the item is later found.


            The Lowden Public Library belongs to a computer network through the State Library of Iowa and OCLC First Search that allows us to borrow material that we do not have on our own shelves.  This can be done by contacting the director.   There is a $3.00 charge to help with the postage on these items, which is the amount allowed by the State Library.  The Library will participate in the ILL Reimbursement Program with the State Library.


Approved by Board of Trustees: January 27,2015

Approved by Board of Trustees: January 30,2019